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The truth about the tennis courts in Stratford

A recent letter writer protested the removal of trees for the Longbrook Park tennis courts in Stratford. A number of residents have expressed opposition to the proposal and others have come out in favour. It is as it should be to discuss the pros and cons of a public plan. It is not right to express false information when speaking, regardless of favoring or opposing.

The protest writer states that there are two clay courts and eight hard courts at Short Beach. Clay courts are expensive to maintain and have not been used for several years. The Stratford Tennis Association held tournaments for many years on these grounds. They agreed to the plan to replace them with four post-tensioned concrete courts. The Short Beach courts have been eliminated except for two which are being repaired.

Saying that “the city doesn’t care about the courts it has in our public parks” and “since everyone in the parks is unplayable” is not true. The Bunnell Courts were restored this year and the Flood Courts were restored not long ago. The Wooster Courts are being renovated with a tennis court and six pickleball courts. All courts in the city will also be lined up for pickleball, a sport that has seen tremendous growth and popularity in recent years. Stratford will now have 14 pickleball courts added to the four already at Flood.

I have had the pleasure of volunteering for many years to help make Stratford, the town I love, the best it can be. We have come a long way and continue to make a lot of positive progress. I hope those with opposing views will keep their arguments honest.

Bill O’Brien

Municipal councilor of the 9th arrondissement

Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee


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