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This Farm For Sale In British Columbia Has Stunning Lavender Fields And You Can Grow Your Own Vegetables


This home for sale in British Columbia would entice any city lover to definitely live the country life.

Surrounded by lavender fields, this hobby farm has all the space you need to grow your own vegetables or even have a few animals. It doesn’t hurt that the house itself is beautiful and right next to a cute little town called Radium Hot Springs.

The home is listed at $1,379,000 and features seven large bedrooms and a gorgeous patio.


If you want to enjoy a sunny day outside, you will have a view of the Rocky Mountains and Purcell.

Plus, the massive property gives plenty of room to walk around. With a warm summer breeze, you might smell the lavender as you pass. How dreamy does that sound?


The interior of the house is pleasant and spacious, with a superb kitchen. You can go from picking your fresh vegetables to cooking them here.


It is an open plan home, which perfectly blends country living with some modern touches. After all, country living doesn’t have to be rustic.

There’s even a gym!

The listing says the scenic lavender farm is currently profitable and the current owners are “willing to train the new owners if they wish to continue using this farm.”

Sounds like the perfect business opportunity for anyone looking to start a new career.

Nature lovers will also find their happiness here. There is a small cove on the property which, according to the listing, provides “more privacy and shade on hot summer days.”

So, it’s time for a big life change?

Large country house/farm

Address: Edgewater, BC

Price: $1,379,000


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