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Tom Brady fuels Michigan-Ohio State rivalry by entering Justin Fields game


No rival is safe from Tampa Bay Tom Brady — especially not his nemesis from college.

The Brady Buccaneers host a Week 7 game with rookie quarterback Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Fields is coming off a stellar college career at Ohio State, while Brady hails from rival Michigan.

While Brady has been around for 21 seasons, Sunday will mark his first NFL start against a former Buckeyes quarterback. The 44-year-old QB was made aware of this fact during his press conference on Thursday and quickly turned it into a dig at Ohio State.

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” And that ? » brady said with a smile. “I won’t say anything too inflammatory about Ohio State, if that’s what you mean.

“It’s interesting. Why aren’t there a lot of quarterbacks from Ohio State in the pros? There have been a lot of guys from Michigan over the years, but not a lot of guys from the Ohio State.”

We respect Brady’s burn, but if you go by volume, that’s technically not accurate: Only four quarterbacks from Michigan have been drafted since Brady’s career began in 2000, compared to seven from Ohio State.

None of those 11 QBs have had much success either: The Wolverines quartet consists of Drew Henson, John Navarre, Chad Henne and Jack Rudock, while the Buckeyes’ recent NFL alumni include Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor , Cardale Jones and Dwayne Haskins.

Brady and his seven Super Bowl titles give Michigan a huge advantage in the QB department, so we’ll leave his perspective.

Fields will aim to bring the pendulum closer to Ohio State on Sunday, but he faces a daunting task against a Bucs team that hasn’t lost since Week 1.

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