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Trenton Park Board of Directors approves work on Eastside Park tennis courts


On November 3, 2021, the Trenton Park Board of Directors voted to level the concrete and playable area of ​​the Eastside Park tennis courts at a cost of $ 2,410. The vote came after a discussion on the condition of the tennis courts and the possibility of installing one or more pickleball courts.

Council Chairman Curtis Crawford reported that, at least in the past, residents were interested in a pickleball field, and there had already been talk of installing a pickleball field in the space where the courts are located. of tennis. He said some of the concrete in this area is cracked and it would be good to fix and level it.

Park superintendent David Shockley said he got a quote from Richard Farmer for sealing cracks and leveling concrete on tennis courts. The premium price would be $ 2,410. Crawford commented that from a money perspective it would be better than pouring new concrete in the area.

Crawford said there was $ 2,500 in the Eastside Park account for the budget which has not been used at this point. Shockley said the money in the Eastside account was not meant for anything specific.

Crawford asked if anyone else in Trenton was doing this kind of work, and deputy park board vice president Andy Cox said he didn’t know anyone else.

Cox also said he believed tennis courts were measured in the past and it was determined that two pickleball courts could be put in place of tennis courts.

Park board member John Hamilton noted that two pickleball courts could be set up on either side. He said things could be set up so if someone still wanted to play tennis they could.

Cox said the board could decide what to do with the tennis courts once the concrete is leveled.

Crawford reported that the Rock Barn roof repair job appears to be working well. He didn’t know of any more leaks after the recent rain.

Board member Gary Schuett reported for the grounds committee. He said work was done to try to get rid of the birds at Sesquicentennial Park in downtown Trenton. A device was used that used random, realistic calls to chase birds away. However, he said the device had been vandalized. He plans to do more research.

Shockley, in his report, said Burleigh Grimes bathrooms were vandalized last weekend. There was broken piping, but it was fixed.

Crawford said several things had been vandalized recently. He asked the public to report any vandalism found.

Shockley reported that most bathrooms in the parks have been closed and winterized for the winter. Ebbe’s will be wintering next week after the North Central Missouri College softball season ends.

Re-engraving is completed on the edges of the disc golf pads.

The tube for the ditch along East 10th Street near Burleigh Grimes was recovered on November 3. The Street department plans to work on it in the coming weeks. Shockley noted that the locations had been performed.

He said the streets department also laid asphalt at the north entrance to the Moberly Park upper parking lot and a large section in the middle of the parking lot. The cracks are to be worked on.

Shockley reported that the entrance to the Trenton Family Aquatic Center was overgrown with bushes with wasp nests. A dozen bushes were uprooted. He intends to come up with a plan for a new design for the entrance in the spring.

Shockley said the parks department helped position the bleachers, stage and wooden pavilions for the Missouri Day Festival. The department also moved the equipment stored in the Rock Barn yard out of reach for the festival.

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