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Two icons of the respective fields, Yash and Lewis Hamilton meet: fans hail the viral photo


Yash has always made the right noise for his work and has attracted a huge number of fans not only in the country but all over the world. The rock star’s KGF2 has been ringing cash registers at the global box office with collections of up to 1200 cr. After delivering on his promise to get recognition for Kannada cinema nationwide, he seems to have decided to take Indian cinema to a global level. The actor was recently spotted out in Los Angeles with JJ Perry, which piqued curiosity about something developing on the global front. And now his encounter with British motorsport legend Lewis Hamilton has become the talk of the town.

Yash really deserves a lot of praise for putting Kannada cinema on the national map. The actor recently shared a video where he was seen training in Los Angeles with famed American director, martial artist, actor, and stuntman JJ Perry. This time, Yash’s picture with British motorsports icon Lewis Hamilton has surfaced on social media, leading fans to wonder if he is now planning to take Indian cinema to a global level. The photo of Yash and Lewis Hamilton has started making the rounds on social media via Hamilton fan clubs. The image really showed a moment when two self-made icons came together. While Yash paved his way to stardom on his own, Lewis also came from humble beginnings and carved his way to the top and both are icons in their respective fields.

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