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UDC opens its tennis courts to members of its pilot program for public use | Forest Hills Connection |

by Marlène Berlin

The UDC has closed registrations for a pilot program offering the public the use of its newly renovated tennis courts.

Forest Hills Connection reported on the three-month pilot project earlier this month. I wanted to start playing tennis again, so I signed up. Not getting any answer as to my status after a week, I contacted Patricia Thomas, the director of the sports director of the SVP. She told me that there had been a problem with the way my email address was entered, but I was there.


I contacted a friend who had also applied, but she hadn’t heard back either. According to Juanita Gray, director of community relations at UDC, registration for the pilot project was closed after receiving 100 applications. These included requests for family membership.

Prior to this year’s $ 2.3 million renovation, the tennis courts between Yuma Street and Windom Place were closed to all users. A major frost damaged the playing surface in 2018. Prior to that, public access to the courts was uncertain. Even those who were members of the SVP’s Firebirds Tennis Club had difficulty accessing and obtaining information.

A group of community members led by John Young began pushing for access before the renovations were completed in August. And in talks with them and Council member Mary Cheh, the SVP agreed to a three-month free trial membership. The group, called Firebirds Tennis Community, posts pilot information and collects experiences from people on


The pilot begins Friday, September 24 and those who have been accepted into the program should have received an email that explains the process for booking times on court and hours of availability in September.

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