Tennis courts

Victoria to reopen sports fields and tennis courts


VICTORIA — The City of Victoria is reopening some outdoor recreational facilities from Thursday, May 14.

Outdoor facilities include sports fields, tennis courts, pickleball courts, bike parks and skate parks.

The city says reopening these areas goes hand-in-hand with the BC government’s “restart plan,” which will enter its next phase next week.

“A cautious reopening of some outdoor recreation facilities is a positive step forward for physical and mental well-being,” Mayor Lisa Helps said in an announcement Wednesday.

“It is important to stay active and healthy outdoors and we are doing this in a safe and coordinated way across the region.”

The city adds that while outdoor facilities will be open for community use, no lessons or league games will take place at this time.

People using pitches and courts are asked to continue to follow provincial health guidelines, such as physical distancing and regular hand washing.

Current fencing and signage at these outdoor facilities will be removed and replaced with new signs highlighting provincial health guidelines over the next few days.

The city says staff will continue to patrol public spaces to remind residents of the importance of the province’s health guidelines.

Meanwhile, other leisure facilities in Victoria remain closed for the time being. Gated facilities include playgrounds, basketball courts, outdoor gymnasiums and the Crystal Pool.

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