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Submitted Photos Pictured at the top is the WACS ball diamond, and at the bottom is the athletics field.

District Superintendent Michael Cipolla told council members that a meeting was held recently where members of the school community participated in a focus group regarding the sports complex.

“We are grateful for their time and feedback,” he said.

Cipolla said the district remains committed to getting as much input from the school community as possible. He reminded council and members of the public that a project of this size takes a long time.

“We will stay the course and keep moving forward” he said. “We appreciate your patience along the way.”

Submitted Photos Pictured at the top is the WACS ball diamond, and at the bottom is the athletics field.

Cipolla also briefed the board on district security measures. Board member Tom Tarpley thanked the district for the safety measures and how quickly they were put in place.

“Our goal is to have a quality educational environment, but also a safe environment”, he said.

In a separate matter, board chair Wendy Dyment asked members to help set a meeting date for the BOCES annual meeting. Component districts are asked to choose April 11, 12 or 13, she said.

“We have our board meeting on April 11,” she says, “so that we can use that date.”

The board agreed with Dyment and voted for April 11.

Dyment reminded board members that School Board Appreciation Week runs from Oct. 17-21. Cipolla then addressed the board and presented each member with a small gift.

“In recognition of our board members, WACS would like to present you with a lapel pin,” he said.

“It’s a good surprise” Dyme replied “Thanks a lot.”

Dyment also spoke to the board about a request from the Village of Westfield to waive facility use fees for the recreation department. Board members voted unanimously to waive tuition fees for this school year.

“The Village of Westfield Recreation Department will be able to conduct its programs and use our facilities”, said Dyment.

Board members also accepted the resignation of Spanish teacher Monica Annis, effective September 26. Annis served the district for 9½ years.

In other cases, secondary director Corey Markham reported that “Our eighth graders returned from Gettysburg and Washington, DC. Everyone raved about their stay there. It was a great opportunity for our students. »

Markham also told board members that Dan Martin took a group of students to the annual Western New York Construction Careers Day held last week at the operations engineers in Lake View, NY.

“It was a great opportunity for our students to be exposed to building trades. he said.

Markham also noted that the regular fall sports season is coming to an end, with the playoffs beginning the week of Oct. 24.

“When one season ends, another begins” he said. “Registration for winter athletics is now open.”

Elementary Principal Dr. Mary Rockey provided board members with current data from the state Department of Education and iReady testing. She shared basic math and ELA diagnostic data, and provided state test data for the 2021-22 school year for third, fourth, and fifth grades.

Rockey also told council members that “Our resource officer offers several trainings to elementary school children, including bicycle safety, safe street crossing, Halloween safety and others.” She also noted that several classes are going to the Chautauqua Child Safety Education Village this month.

Curriculum Director Molly Anderson said next-generation standards in ELA and math are being implemented. Tarpley asked when the district would get the Next Generation Learning Standards results and Anderson replied that it would be in June.

Anderson also spoke about the Panorama Social Emotional Learning survey that will be distributed to students in grades three through 12 this fall. At its core, social-emotional learning focuses on students’ basic needs for motivation, social connection, and self-regulation as prerequisites for learning.

During comments from council members, Phyllis Hagan said the district is doing very well on safety.

“I don’t want to congratulate us, but I think we did a good job with school security.”

She also reminded everyone that the annual Pirates of Penzance Dinner Theater will be held on November 11-12.

Board member Deanne Manzilla said she’s thrilled the district can welcome parents into the building.

“I am delighted to hear that we are encouraging parents to be in the building,” she says. “It’s great to hear about dinner theaters and other things that bring the community together.”

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