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Women’s college tennis: Kelly, Park graduate and Concordia star, tops | University


Before Kelly dated Park, she grew up watching her older sister Brienne play and was motivated to be better than her.

“It’s kind of like a sibling rivalry,” Kelly said. “I didn’t start buying a racquet until right before my first year and then I stuck with the sport. Other than my sister, Serena Williams has been a huge inspiration to me. Watching her play on TV showed me what real competitive tennis looks like, and it inspired me to get better.

Along with Brienne, sister Madeline, brother Quinn, and parents Larry and Wendy complete Kelly’s support system.

“We have a very close family, we are all very close,” said Kelly. “My mom came to every one of my college games and my dad always helped me train, so they were both key to my success as a tennis player.

“Looking into the crowd and seeing my mom cheering me on gave me that extra motivation to come away with a win. And win or lose, she’s always been there for me.

Kelly also has five dogs, all of mixed breeds from animal shelters.

“My dogs mean everything to me,” Kelly said. “I’m allergic to cats so I’ve always wanted a dog and we finally got some in high school. I’m just a big lover of animals in general and they make me really happy.

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