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Work on tennis courts reveals artifacts from silos near high and middle schools in Osseo | Local news


Work on the tennis courts between Osseo Senior and Osseo Middle schools uncovered other artifacts from the Wilmes Family Farm, located near County Road 30, near Osseo Middle School and Osseo High School.

In the summer of 2019, work was halted during the construction of a new turf field when civil engineers found part of the basement of one of the Wilmes family homes.

Rogers McHugh, a resident of Maple Grove and a member of the Maple Grove Historical Society, said he remembered going to the house and the barn.

At the end of September 1967, the Wilmes barn burned down in a large fire, recalls McHugh. The Wilmes Farm property was surrounded by the Osseo School District properties of Osseo High and Osseo Junior High schools.

According to the Osseo Press, October 5, 1967, “The fire was noticed at 8:30 pm”. More than 5,000 bales of hay and straw were consumed by the fire, the newspaper reported. The estimated costs of the damage caused in 1967 by the fire were $ 14,000.

“The fire was first noticed by two teachers attending a college meeting west of the burnt barn,” Osseo Press reported. “Huge crowds of spectators at the Osseo – St. Cloud Tech football game being played one block to the south rushed to the fire scene when the flames erupted.”

Current construction on the site of the tennis courts found pieces of the silo, McHugh said. The curved concrete pieces were decorative, almost looking like tiles.

According to Kay Villella, school / community relations director for the Osseo area, the project involves digging into the ground about 4 feet. No work stoppage discovery was made. “The affected area was brought up to altitude last Friday,” she said.

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