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YOUR OPINION: What’s going on with Ramsgate tennis courts? | County Chief of St George and Sutherland


After Covid’s first shutdown in 2020, the tennis courts at Hawthorne Street, Ramsgate, were closed. When the Bayside Council took over, all six courts needed some repairs. The fence was fixed, but they needed to maintain the courts to make them playable as tree roots were entering some courts. To my knowledge, the council made an announcement for a guard. They claim that no one was interested in the job. I understand that there may have been a reason for this, as who would now be responsible for paying for the repairs?

I have played on these courts for over 40 years with many local people. My children, when they went to school, would play on these courts for their sport. These courts are now abandoned and have been broken into. Bayside Council must explain to the public and to taxpayers what their intention is towards them.

Declaration of the self-employed

In response to the ridiculous criticism of the Declaration of Independents that I challenged to sign all independent candidates in the next election, I remember Shakespeare’s famous line, “The lady protests too much, I think”. Did it strike a chord because the author is associated with a political party claiming independence? How do you criticize transparency and give voters as much information as possible to inform their decision?

In every election we see bogus independent candidates who are, in reality, members of a political party, and this election is no different. Any true independent would not hesitate to sign the declaration to prove that they are in fact independent, and failure to do so should rightly sound the alarm bells for voters. Despite criticism from some quarters, I am proud that my team was the first to register.

Peakhurst collapsed

With Council elections in the not too distant future, may I suggest to those who are waiting to be elected or re-elected to walk around the region they hope to represent? Peakhurst is an overdeveloped shame. Garbage rots in gutters, street trees have not been pruned or maintained in years, weeds and grass seedlings abound, and our children walk to school through gangs of trees. nature overgrown with dog poop and various garbage blown from construction sites. All hope of having a decent front lawn has been taken away, replaced by fields of yellow flowering weeds.

No wonder voting is compulsory. Who would willingly vote for these inefficient bad managers, apparently determined to ruin our region?

Great effort Georges River Council

I would like to warmly thank the George’s River Council team responsible for cleaning and maintaining the equipment at the Oatley boat launch and in particular Dan Wilmington for his prompt response and actions regarding a safety with rocks submerged in water. next to the new boat launch.

After reporting the dangerous issues via email and photos, I was pleasantly surprised to receive Dan’s very quick response and phone call.

During the last cycle of low tide, the council managed to remove the rocks and secure the area again. Well done and a big thank you from someone who regularly uses this community asset.

Thank you from a pedestrian

I was hit by a pedestrian on October 24, 2021 in Central Road, Beverly Hills.

I am especially grateful to the kind gentleman who helped me stay calm, stayed with me and called my family while waiting for the ambulance and the police.

I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by to help me. I will never forget their kindness and willingness to help and I am grateful to them every day.

I would also like to thank all the authorities and professional staff (police officers, paramedics, all staff in the emergency department at St George’s hospital and the short stay service) … to name a few Constables A Cox and B Murrell; Dr A Chen, RN Ali who have made their service proud by performing their duties so well.

Thank you seems so insufficient, but I hope if you are among those who have stopped to help me that day, you will understand how grateful I am.

Multiple personalities

Spotty, the marketing man, says he doesn’t like governments telling people what to do. Is he a moron or an anarchist? I wouldn’t vote for any of him (sic).

King Georges Rd – the never-ending enlargement

My father bought his first home on King Georges Rd in 1960. His bank was concerned about the controversial expansion when he applied for his mortgage.

Here we are in 2021, 61 years later and there are currently no plans to widen the road in the Penshurst / South Hurstville area. Our local state and federal members made a lot of noise when 600 yards of road widening was announced for the Beverly Hills section a few years ago. Since then, a few fences have been put up and not much else has happened. Obviously everything was done just for the ad value, but no real intention to complete the enlargement anytime soon, especially for the final section. The Hillcrest Avenue intersection is a major traffic problem, but don’t expect anything for the next decade or so.

Billions have gone to road works across NSW and the country, but our representatives receive only a meager sum for our regions. They make us believe that they are actually investing in public roads, but the money seems to go mainly to private toll roads.




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